My Child is Struggling with Homework

Especially for the Primary/Elementary grades, homework is not meant to be a cause of stress for children!  It is meant to be a reinforcement of the concepts learned in class that day.

If you find that your child(ren) are struggling with Homework…as a parent – please do not get frustrated with them, identify what they are struggling and if necessary…please request for your child to be evaluated to get them the supports they need now so that they will not become frustrated and give up on the homework that will ultimately help them in their educational journey.

Click here to download a Sample Request for Evaluation Letter

Feel free to cut and past this if you need to request an evaluation for your child.  It is highly recommended that you also email this to the Director of Special Services & the Superintendent.

Margaret Pribyl –

Silvia Zircher –

Mrs. Margaret Pribyl
Director, Special Education
South River Public Schools
81 Johnson Place
South River, NJ 08882


Dear Mrs. Pribyl:

My child (first and last name) is having a difficult time learning. I am requesting that my child be evaluated for special education services. (Child’s name) is a ___ grader in Ms./Mrs./Mr. (teacher’s name) classroom at ______________School.

I understand that any information collected during current interventions with (child’s first name) will be completed and a meeting date will be set within the timeline as required by federal law. My signature on this letter gives my consent for my child’s evaluation to begin. I look forward to hearing from you. I am available by phone (name the days and times).

Parent(s) signature

Parent(s) name, address, phone number

This is the VERY first step in the Process.  You are the BEST Advocate for your child, so please do not be afraid to ask for help to help your child.