Back to School – Now What

Parents of all children returning to school are inundated by paperwork, some necessary, some temporarily necessary, some not necessary. So how helpful would it be for you as a parent to have a one-page info sheet with the information you need for you child without searching through piles of paper?

These documents below (are a work in progress) and will be something for you to reference (at a glance) for Back to School Nights, Parent/Teacher Conferences or IEP Meetings.  Please download one for each child and get on your way to being organized!

get organized

Primary/Elementary School At A Glance Information Sheet
Primary / Elementary School At A Glance Information

Middle / High School At A Glance Information Sheet
Middle / High School At A Glance Information Sheet

This at-a-glance sheet is just the beginning step in help to get parents in our district organized…

Organization can help parents have more balance in their lives and be more effective when advocating for their child(ren). Thank you for your help in giving parents this tool to help them be their best self for their child(ren)!!!